Needtoday Essentials Comfort, Dual Foam Mattress

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Short Descriptions

The dual foam mattress is a both side usable mattress, which comes with soft high-density foam on one surface and Hardback supporting Foam on the other side. It is also Lightweight for which one can easily switch between the hard and soft surfaces of the mattress.

It also comes with a High GSM knitted fabric cover with advanced Air circulation, which keeps body temperature low. The Mattress comes with a 7 year Out of the Box Manufacturer-Warranty.

It is available in Single, Double, King and Queen sizes etc. Our customers can order the mattress in custom tailored sizes too.


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Dual Foam Mattress Features:

  • Reversible Mattress
  • Dual Comfort
  • Both Side Usable mattresses
  • High Density Soft Foam
  • High Density Supportive Hard Foam
  • High GSM Knitted Fabric
  • Advanced Air Circulation
  • Keeps body Temperature Low
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Available in all sizes
  • Europedic Mattress
  • Orthopedic Mattress
  • Sag Resistant Mattress

Mattress Specifications:

  • Support Layer: Bonded Foam
  • Comfort Layer: High Resilience (HR) Foam
  • Layers: Multiple
  • Upholstery Material: Quilted Knitted

Care Instructions:

  • Don’t Pour Water or any other Liquid on the mattress
  • Protect the mattress from heat and direct sunlight
  • A quilted cover should not be removed
  • Don’t fold the mattress
  • Use Mattress in a cool, dry place away from moisture
  • Always Rotate the mattress, every three months

Covered in Warranty:

Needtoday Essentials Comfort Mattress is liable to warranty against any manufacturing defects like Sink and Sag upto seven years. The Warranty is limited to sagging of bare only. If replacement is to be done, the same shall be applicable as Pro-rata calculation and is limited to one time replacement only. Tolerance can vary +/- 12mm in any length, width or height

Not Covered in Warranty:

The Warranty is not limited to the outer quilted cover. The side tape, label and cover (Plain, Quilted or Plastic) are a part of branding only and does not come under warranty.